In an continuation to adjust and change to our new 'normal' this weeks opening hours are:

Monday-Sunday 12pm-6pm.

However these may change as needed so if in doubt feel free to email the store ( or phone before setting out.

We do have some regulations in place:

We have a revised capacity with social distancing of 12 people in store. We've set up a path around the store clockwise - used tape to indicate appropriate 2m social distancing zones that allow for two people in the roleplaying section, two people in the wargaming section, two people in the new releases and small games section and two people in the main boardgaming section, as well as several 'cut through' opportunities to avoid having to queue in a section you don't have to browse.

As you enter we have a sanitiser station set up.

The tills are surrounded by plexiglass. There's not really much capacity to queue per se, but we honestly don't imagine thats going to be that much of an issue.

Please don't pick stuff up to browse. We don't have enough staff or enough stock to isolate every game for 72 hours if you touch them. I know that's going to be a pain.

The store is CARD only for the time being and the shop is cleaned morning and evening. We may have to from time to time close sections for further cleaning if the need arises.

All our staff wear masks. I'd really appreciate it if you would also wear a mask. mask use reduces potential spread by 80% according to the latest WHO data.

Thank you all for being paitent and don't forget you can use click and collect, local delivery or online orders using this website.

We are also starting a small amount of organised play you will be able to find the information and tickets (which you must have to be able to play as its very limited numbers) here:

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