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Once upon a time there was a game company as mad as cheese. 

Back in 2011, nobody had heard of Cardfight!! Vanguard apart from us. And we only heard about it because of one of our customers. He kept asking for this game, with the really long set titles - Descent of the King of Knights? What did that even mean? A game with so many clans and factions - dinosaurs with laser guns, furry animals, mermaids, battle nuns, Arthurian knights, American football zombies, giant insects, and it had this crazy trigger based gameplay which meant that you could claw back victory in the very moment of defeat.

I went down to Olympia to a meeting with Bushiroad. I'd gone as an expert in Organised Play, to give them advice in how to break their extremely Japanese game into the country. And a week later I was distributing it. We'd priced it cheaper than any other TCG on the market. Card quality was amazing. Every store we showed it to loved it, and we were soon bringing in hundreds of boxes with every set, and shipping them all over the country. 

Bushiroad insisted their nationals had to be free. Within a year we would be playing with five hundred players, running double elimination format on paper. Hey, Bushiroad everybody! they just did things differently, and it was a rollercoaster.

Of all the sets, I love the divas best. No, wait - Pale Moon.  They're a vampire circus, because Bushiroad. Because why not? Naturally Bushiroad took their Cardfight money, opened a high end Sushi restaurant, and run a stable of wrestlers. Because Bushiroad.

Because why not?

Eddie and Sascha, and Michelle and Jonathan, whose GAMA presentation was him riding a hippo. And of course the unflappable Alan, who we couldn't have run those big events without. Here's to you, you crazy dreamers. I miss you.

Stand up, Vanguard!! indeed.    


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