Rechord (KS)

Rechord (KS)

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Marshall Britt is a talented guy. In between working for Leder games he still found time to design and publish this little gem, that isn't just a good boardgame in its own right - it will actually help you play the guitar.

In Re-Chord guitarists each have a hidden secret color which they and only they know until the very end of the game. There are a few options per turn but the main action is choosing a pick from either the public draft pile or the bag, then deciding where to place it. Each pick has a power relating to the board or other picks which creates intense strategic choices. Guitarists attempt to get the most of their color picks onto each fret of the board by the time popularity scoring is triggered. In addition to gaining popularity via area control, players have cards with real guitar chords on them which they attempt to complete based on certain pick placements. Play resumes until the first four frets are full and the player with the most popularity wins.  

The guitar theme is exemplified in almost every aspect of our new game Re-Chord. The overall use of the guitar fret board as the play surface and picks as pieces are of course the apparent thematic pieces. Below are a few more subtle thematic bits.

  • Each hidden role is tied to a different genre of music, and it's guitar logo is a model often used to record or preform that type of music.

  • Guitar players move all about the fret board with their fingers, and in that regard picks can often be moved or replaced during the game!

  • Completing chords simulates "playing" them on a guitar and at the end of the game you'll come away with some amount of guitar knowledge!

  • Points are represented by popularity, the most popular guitarist by the end of the jam session wins!

  • Misplaying a chord is just like messing up on stage, you don't get a chance to go back and try again, it's a live performance!

This was one of my top picks last year - get it? Picks. And you'll get thirty five in the box