Wyrd Science - Expert (volume 2)

Wyrd Science - Expert (volume 2)

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Wyrd Science is a new Quarterly magazine. 

Across 3 features we speak to two of the game's writers Stephen R. Marsh and David 'Zeb' Cook, take a look Tom Moldvay's suggested reading list - 'Inspirational Source Material' - and we speak to the designers of some of today's games that have taken B/X as their inspiration.

Back in the present day we chat to Jay Dragon about Wanderhome and April Kit Walsh about Thirsty Sword Lesbians, 2 of last year's big indie RPG hits on Kickstarter, both of which are redefining what RPGs can be about.  

Have a look at two of the spreads from those features we're currently editing. Nice, eh!

We chat to Emmet Byrne from Cubicle 7 about the best selling Warhammer - Age of Sigmar RPG, Soulbound, and how it has emerged from the shadow of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play to forge its own identity.

Guy Haley, one of Warhammer 40,0000's chief architects talks to us about both his job mapping out the grim dark future of humanity and the release of his new (non-Warhammer) novel Richards & Klein.

Diogo Noguira takes us on a tour of Latin America's burgeoning RPGLATAM scene before we journey into Warpland, the stunning new game from Argentinian writer Gavriel Quiroga.

Ellen Knight talks to Wingspan designer Elizabeth Hargreave, games designer and publisher Ellie Dix, Raina Medina from the hugely successful 1 Minute Board Games and Patricia Willenborg from Kismet's Dungeons & Dragons about their experiences as women working in the tabletop games industry today.

We take a look at the changing face of miniature wargames and celebrate the increasingly diverse range of indie wargames hitting our shelves from the likes of Gaslands to Space Weirdos, whilst Luke Frosticke takes us back to the grimy, cursed streets of Mordheim.

Sticking with the models for a moment, Tiny Plastic People editor Luke Shaw investigates how the internet is changing the look of our little battlefields as miniature painters have adapted to the rise of social media.

We speak to Jon Peterson about his new book The Elusive Shift to discover how 'Role-Playing Games Forged Their Identity'.

All that plus our regular Quickstart section with features from the likes of Mira Manga, Anna Blackwell and Pierre Mortel and a brand new reviews section covering games, books, film and TV and that's not even close to everything.