Summit (KS)

Summit (KS)

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Conor McGoey the designer of Summit really made... summ't special with this mountain climbing game back in 2017. Since then we've been hanging out at cons together. This guy? he's the nicest Canadian I know - and that's a tough contest to win, trust me.  

A triangular tile placing, tile manipulation, point to point movement, route building, dice rolling, competitive, "take that!" game, with a little area control, and press your luck along with variable player powers and variable phase order, will guarantee you'll never play the same game twice.

Players will create trails up the mountain as they race for pole position. But this isn’t a straightforward race - it's unique for two reasons. First, the race takes place on a dangerous mountain so players will see each other both ascending and descending the tiles. Having players in each other's way and in each other's faces leads to another of Summit's unique mechanics.

The second reason is the Karma Track, another unique mechanic that allows players to use Karma cards to actively help or hinder their opponents.

As players compete for better positioning, they are able to use these cards to share food, sabotage oxygen, slow players down, or protect someone from a fall. Either way, players must balance their Karma points with their race strategy if they want to come out on top.

The up and down of the mountain coupled with the good and evil of the Karma cards works on many levels. It keeps the players packed together as leaders will try to slow players on their heels, but speed up the players who are farther behind. And the players who are behind will attempt to slow the leaders and help each other.

This can create temporary alliances and truces, but they never last as there can only be one winner.

Summit is an exciting adventure game in which players are as worried about surviving the mountain as they are about their opponents.

The great thing about Kickstarters from a couple of years ago is how few backers some of them attracted - which for stores like us and The Game steward mean there's still plenty of customers out there. Play it competitively. Play it cooperatively. Play it solo.