Family Summer D&D Game - 19th August Day Time

Family Summer D&D Game - 19th August Day Time

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Family Summer D&D Game

Check in from: 12:30pm
Game Starts: 1pm

Welcome to FanBoy3's Family Summer D&D Games
This is the perfect event for familes to come together slay dragons, venture into magical realms and work together for a sucessful adventure!

Family games are for any family members who would like to play D&D together

What you will need:
Just yourself!!! (If you have dice you would prefer to use feel free to bring them!)

What you will get:
A pre made character (multipule to coose from)
Pencil and paper to make notes if you would like (optional)
Dice you can borrow for the game
A skilled dungeon master to guide you on your adventre

This game is suitable for complete beginners or experianced players

Summer Cafe

We are reopening our cafe in time for the summer!
FanBoy Tea will have a wie range of drinks and snacks available including ice-cream, milk shakes and smoothies