Christmas Eve - The race to help Santa

Christmas Eve - The race to help Santa

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Christmas Eve, The Race to Help Santa will be the go-to Christmas board game for players around the world.

We have one goal: to be a fun filled, Christmas board game for families and friends alike - a game that becomes an annual tradition.

Not only will Christmas Eve, The Race to Help Santa appeal to families and children alike, but a variation of the rules will also allow for more adult versions of the game play.

Christmas Eve, The Race to Help Santa is more than just a dice rolling game; it includes mini games, challenges and card duelling as well, creating an intensive, fun and competitive Christmas experience that can be tailored to the age of the players.

The Game Concept

Here is an introduction to some of the detail behind the game mechanics:

Objective of the Game

Reach Santa first, with a minimum of 4 presents that you've found, fought for or won on your journey to the North Pole
Move around the board via the dice, player interactions and by completing game tasks

Interactions with other players

You can work with other players to help you achieve your ultimate goal of reaching Santa and winning the game (co-op Vs. the Grinch), or use the mini games and your card deck to try to sabotage other players and take their presents. Winners earn their Christmas wish, which they declare at the start of the game.

Interactions with the board and mini-quests:

As well as the classic board game and board game spaces you could expect, Christmas Eve, The Race to Help Santa goes further to include strategy, fighting, collaboration and challenges. Some of the mini games include:

Card Battling: where playing cards you have collected can be used to fight with other players with the goal of stealing presents.
Avalanche: where you can roll a snowball in an attempt to knock down a player's piece - allowing you to take their presents.
High-Low Bridges: where you must correctly guess the next card to be turned.
The Dark Cave: close your eyes and try to get through the cave with your presents.
Present Throwing: throw your presents to the catcher piece on the mini-game, each catch gets one of your presents across the frozen lake.
Snowman Sleigh Ride: roll a ball to knock down at least 3 snowmen to make it to the bottom and continue with the game.
Interactive Player Challenges: move away from standard board game etiquette and complete a Christmas themed challenge to enter the North Pole.

The game, its goal, challenges and quests exist to put you and your fellow players in the spirit of Christmas whilst providing a fun and rewarding gaming experience. We are now working on the song play-list to go with the game.