Sun and Moon Trainer Kit Alolan Raichu and Lycanroc

Sun and Moon Trainer Kit Alolan Raichu and Lycanroc

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The Sun & Moon Trainer Kit: Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu is the first Trainer Kit released for the Sun & Moon Series. Similar to other Trainer Kits, the cards of each Half Deck have collection numbers in order to follow the example battle detailed within the two player's guides included in the kit. The two featured Pokémon are exclusive prints, as are the Pikachu, Fletchling, and Fletchinder. The rest are reprints.

In addition to the Half Decks and player's guides, the kit includes a deck box, a playmat, a set of damage counters, status counters, a rulebook, and a coin featuring Alolan Raichu.

Deck lists

Lycanroc Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Caterpie Grass
2/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
3/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
4/30 Trumbeak Colorless
5/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
6/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
7/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
8/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
9/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
10/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
11/30 Fletchling Colorless
12/30 Yungoos Colorless
13/30 Fletchinder Colorless
14/30 Rockruff Fighting
15/30 Pikipek Colorless
16/30 Lycanroc Fighting
17/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
18/30 Makuhita Fighting
19/30 Hau Su
20/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
21/30 Great Ball I
22/30 Toucannon Colorless
23/30 Hau Su
24/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
25/30 Great Ball I
26/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
27/30 Big Malasada I
28/30 Fighting Energy Fighting E
29/30 Rockruff Fighting
30/30 Lycanroc Fighting

Alolan Raichu Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
2/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
3/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
4/30 Stufful Colorless
5/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
6/30 Golbat Psychic
7/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
8/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
9/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
10/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
11/30 Zubat Psychic
12/30 Lightning Energy Lightning E
13/30 Spearow Colorless
14/30 Pikachu Lightning
15/30 Potion I
16/30 Grubbin Grass
17/30 Alolan Raichu Lightning
18/30 Bewear Colorless
19/30 Hau Su
20/30 Psychic Energy Psychic E
21/30 Great Ball I
22/30 Drowzee Psychic
23/30 Hau Su
24/30 Psychic Energy Psychic E
25/30 Great Ball I
26/30 Togedemaru Lightning
27/30 Psychic Energy Psychic E
28/30 Psychic Energy Psychic E
29/30 Pikachu Lightning
30/30 Alolan Raichu Lightning