Collection: Warhammer Champions Age of Sigmar TCG

Not every game flourishes, even if its amazing. even if it combines the technology of Play Fusion and the IP of Games Workshop, along with excellent game play.

You just can't bottle lightning reliably. Most cardgame stores default back to Magic and Yugioh and Pokemon if they get the slightest chill, which makes breaking a new game hard.

Part of the problem is a deep discount culture, and this is one of the ways it IS a problem. Because if a store isn't selling product, it doesn't want to run events, and if it doesn't run events the game doesn't get exposure. The deep discount stores don't care - a box is a box is a box. Once they've killed any potential for growth on a local level, they'll just switch back to discounting their usual diet of Magic and Warhammer - and so will your local store.

If you love a game, find your local brick and mortar store and help demo it to others. Encourage local purchase and local in store activity. People ask me all the time what the best cardgame is, and I always reply "the one you can find people to play with, in a place whose value you understand'. 

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