Organised Play at Fan Boy Three

Back when we opened in 2004 we were the first dedicated Organised Play store that could seat 64 players. That was a requirement to host premiere Magic events. Up until then, nobody thought it was possible - or desirable - to use so much space on people. Stock yes, but people no. 

Organised play is about communities - different communities for different games, places people can go to to play those games with other people. 

Routinely we run between thirty and forty Organised Play events every week. Some are game nights for our popular games, and others are special events - like prereleases where you can get the new set in advance - or tournaments, where you can play against other players for prizes. The biggest events take over the whole store - but often we'll run several at the same time and demarcate the areas with different coloured seating and table numbers.

This page? When we reopen? Will host the ticketing system and Organised Play calendar, with dedicated Organised Play for each of our game lines. 

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Monday - Warhammer (Hive Manchester)

Tuesday - Bushiroad games, Dragonball Super & Flesh And Blood

Wednesday - Dungeons & Dragons, Digimon & Magic: Commander

Thursday - Yugioh Hobby League

Friday - X-Wing, Magic The Gathering, Age of Sigmar & Final Fantasy

Saturday - Pokemon League, Special Events

Sunday - Special Events & Board Gaming Group