Our cafe - Fan Boy Tea

Fan Boy Tea is where we serve the very best snacks and non alcoholic drink we can. Our cafe list is curated from the best available producers in each category, and we scour food festivals to find it. We've tried to choose single brand producers who are specialists with as much passion for what they do as we have for what we do. Because caring what you do should matter, more than saving a quid. 

We serve Yorkshire Tea, from Taylor's of Harrogate - https://www.yorkshiretea.co.uk/

Our Hot Chocolate is by award winning cocoa producer Willies Cacao - https://www.williescacao.com/

We serve Kusmi brand Russian style teas and chais - https://www.kusmitea.com/int/home/

Our crisps are buy Brown Bag Crisp Company - http://www.brownbagcrisps.co.uk/buy-our-crisps/ - and Just Crisps- http://justcrisps.co.uk/

Our Traybakes are hand made in Cumbria - http://www.traybakes.com/

Our sodas are specially selected. We stock Chu-Lo Japanese inspired soda - made locally in Manchester - https://www.chu-lo.com/ 

We stock zero sugar, zero sweetener brands like Dash and Ugli, and bottled water is always kept as the lowest priced option.  

We import American soda and candy for that full sugar experience. 

Our sandwiches and salads are by Urban Eats.

Our milkshakes and smoothies are by the award winning Love Smoothies- https://www.lovetaste.co/

Downstairs we have vending machines that stock regular fare - like Coke, Diet Coke and Dr Pepper.

When we return, we'll also have fresh fruit on the menu.

We made the decision to only use compostable cups, plates and cutlery. That way we can recycle almost everything. Our society may frequently consider everyone and everything disposable, but that's not our way at Fan Boy Three, where what we do and who we - and who you are - matters.  

Sadly, the cafe will remain closed until the COVID-19 outbreak is over. This page may become a selling page for all our much loved brands... watch this space