Bloomburrow Evening Prerelease - Saturday 27th July

Bloomburrow Evening Prerelease - Saturday 27th July

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Bloomburrow Saturday Evening Prerelease

Check In From: 5pm
Game start: 6pm

Time to head to a new plane!

Bloomburrow is set on the plane of Bloomburrow, a world of cute anthropomorphic animals with no humans in it. This world is full of squirrels, frogs, mice, and rabbits, showing that even the smallest creatures can have a big impact. 

For the event each player will be provided with a Bloomburrow prerelease kit which contains 6 play boosters plus a date stamped rare or mythic promo from the new set.

You will then have 45 minutes to build a deck with the cards from the packs, with any land you need provided. 

This event is perfect for new players.


45 min deck building 
3 rounds of swiss 

Prize Structure