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Elite Dangerous RPG - Exploration-Supplement

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In the cold depths of space mysteries are being uncovered. Ancient ruins, undisturbed for thousands of years, lie hidden on distant moons. Strange artefacts transmit signals into deep space, but who is listening across the far reaches of the galaxy? On worlds closer to home human settlers, long isolated from the galactic core, have degenerated into primitives. 

Unable to access modern medicine weird mutagens and alien wildlife have wrought terrible changes upon some survivors making them something less than human. 

If you can brave the infinite dark amazing treasures await, including artefacts that no human hand can make, and secrets corporations would pay a fortune for ‚Ķ or kill to keep secret.¬†


  • Three new spacecraft to explore the infinite depths: The Asp Scout, Diamondback Explorer and the gigantic Imperial Explorer.¬†
  • New Backgrounds and Karma Capabilities.¬†
  • Terrible new opponents to challenge your players on distant worlds.
  • ¬†Discover alien ruins of long dead races, which hold great treasures and powerful artefacts that players can use ‚Ķ if they dare.

Requires the Elite Dangerous core book to play, you will receive a free PDF to accompany this print book.