Flesh and Blood Armory Event - Tuesday 11th June

Flesh and Blood Armory Event - Tuesday 11th June

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Flesh and Blood Armory Event

Check in from: 5:30pm
Game start: 7:00pm

Prize Support

3 wins = 3 boosters
2 wins = 2 boosters
0/1 win = 1 booster 

Everyone gets a promo

We will be using GEM so please ensure you have signed up on the flesh and blood website to get your user number. 

This is a classic constructed event, this is how it works

  • Hero card + 80-card maximum deck (includes weapons, equipment, and cards in deck)
  • Up to 3 copies of each unique card allowed. (A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card)
  • Adult hero cards are legal
  • 50 minutes per round, best of 1

Further details can be found at https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/classic-constructed

 This will be an Armory kit event so promos will be given out based on standing.