Force of Will: Curse of the Frozen Casket (Lapis cluster 1)

Force of Will: Curse of the Frozen Casket (Lapis cluster 1)

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Attoractia has fallen...

Grimm's World has enjoyed decades of peace, and a new generation of adventurous youth has risen. New advancements have all but unified the world, and brought about new marvels.

But out of an ancient aeon, a forgotten kingdom returns, bringing with it a terrible and fearsome power. With Alice and Kaguya missing, the hope of the Light Palace falls upon Millium, Lunya, Charlotte; along with some familiar faces from battles past. The Seven Luminaries gather their fiendish forces. The destiny of three worlds hinges on the power of a captive savior.

Are they headed for salvation? Or destruction?

36 displays at a super low low price!

So, there's a funny story about this. It was a year before the Fan Boy Three move and we were still handling UK distribution. A big name in UK distro had let us down terribly over Battle for Attoractia - halving their order. I was of a mind not to let them order this set off us, but they were pretty insistent. Wanted 128 displays, at a distro price. Rang me, messaged me... told me this sob story about how they had orders and didn't want to let them down.

So I ordered an extra 128 displays for them. Special ordered the extra starters they wanted at short notice and considerable expense.

They bounced the order. They actually refused to accept it when the order arrived by courier, so I had to pay the shipping there, the shipping back and was left holding the bill for two sets of shipping AND £10K worth of product. I think they thought it was a funny thing to do, a petty spiteful mean thing designed to teach me some kind of petty spiteful business lesson.

But to me, business isn't about that. It's not Alan Sugar/Donald Trump red-in-tooth-and-claw. It's about doing business with the companies and people you like and want to support. The game lines you like and you want to support.

And that's why we are still here. And why we still have huge quantities of Curse of the Frozen Casket going cheap.