Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Booster Bundle

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Booster Bundle

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There’s Always a Bigger Monster

On the treacherous world of Ikoria, gargantuan beasts fight for survival while humans hide at the bottom of the food chain—forever in fear of the creatures beyond the walls and the human traitors known as “bonders” who believe the monsters misunderstood. Will you fight the behemoths at your door, or fight alongside them?

Featuring classic monsters from Toho studios. If you ever wanted to stomp goblins with Godzilla - and who hasn't? - now is your chance. 

Also available as theme boosters based around colour, a six booster multi buy deal, and as a 36 booster box. This product is also available in Japanese

Each Magic: the Gathering booster contains a mix of 15 random Magic cards in an assortment of colours,

Booster Bundles are great ways for new players to get a chunk of product - each one contains: 

10 Ikoria booster packs

20 foil land pack

20 regular land pack

2 reference cards

1 foil promo card

1 oversized Spindown life counter

1 reusable card storage box (trust me - that's the big draw!)