Matched Play Manchester WH40K - Ticket Entry August 3rd

Matched Play Manchester WH40K - Ticket Entry August 3rd

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We know you miss your friends. We miss them too. We also know you respect science and each other. Things won't be back 'to normal' for some time, but in order to try and create a safe environment for the communities we support to see friends in a socially distanced secure space, we will be restarting some semblance of Hobby League activity during July. 

In order to maintain social distancing and to limit the spread of COVID-19, we have to insist on the following rules for in store activity, as well as limiting spaces.  

1) all players must wear face masks

2) all players must give track and trace information before entering the play space

3) all decks must be sleeved. Please bring your own dice, tape measure and only touch your own figures 

4) all entry must be by pre-purchased ticket (so we can limit attendance)

5) we will take your temperature on arrival and insist on hand sanitising

6) please sit only on the seats at either end of the tables to ensure social distancing is carried out. 

7) please do not attend if you feel even slightly under the weather, or - obviously - if you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. 

This virtual ticket gives one player entry from 6pm - 9pm on Monday the 3rd August. Please note there will be no entry before 5pm

Remember, you must be a member of matched Play Manchester to attend this club night.