Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Irregulars

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This is the fourth in the Consulting Detective series. They can be played in any order so you don't need to have had the others to get this!

This is a cooperative game where you attempt to solve various cases. Each game in the Consulting Detective series contains 10 cases to solve using broadsheets and more.

The Baker Street Irregulars cases are:

1. The Curzon Street Kidnapping
2. The Mudlark Mystery
3. The Three Customers
4. The Promise
5. The Red River Valley
6. The Busker of Bridge Street
7. The Tiger's Eye
8. The Heist in Harp Lane
9. The Dog in the Night Time
10. Death of a Detective

This has an introductory case which is perfect for new players of the game while at the same time it also has something for all seasoned investigators!