Star Wars Unlimited Win a Case - Saturday 4th May

Star Wars Unlimited Win a Case - Saturday 4th May

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Star Wars Unlimited
Win a Case May Monthly

May the 4th be with you

Event Information

Format: Premier
Player cap: 64

Check in: 10am
Round 1: 11am

Join us at Fan Boy Three to celebrate the Star Wars holiday with a Death Star sized Star Wars Unlimited monthly!

The format for the event will be Premier. This means that each player's deck must include:

  • Exactly 1 leader
  • Exactly 1 base
  • A minimum of 50 other cards (consisting of units, events, and upgrades)

A premier deck also cannot include more than 3 copies of any unit, event, or upgrade. 
Each player is also permitted a 10 card sideboard. 

Deck lists will be required for this event. 

Refunds will not be available within 1 week of the event date.

Side Events

We will be hosting on demand drafts throughout the day, as well as a rebound premier event after the 4th round!

Round Structure

The event will run swiss rounds into a top cut which will be determined by the number of players. Each round will be 55 minutes, and best of 3.


The prizing detailed below is the first tier but as tickets sell we will reveal the next and once we get far enough then we can reveal the final level where, spoiler alert, the winner will walk away with a full sealed case!

 Prizing updates at 16, 28 and 48 tickets sold!




1 box


10 packs


5 packs


1 packs