The Expanse RPG Core Book

The Expanse RPG Core Book

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Our friends at Green Ronin took the Expanse books and TV series and fused it with their Modern Age rules set so we can all have adventures in the universe of James S. A. Corey, the joint pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. 

Four seasons in and there is still plenty of material to adapt, even if the nine novel series is set to end this year. 

The Expanse RPG is based on the exciting new Modern AGE rules-set, and includes many of its features, such as customized character building using Backgrounds and Professions, Drives for character engagement, and an abstract resources system. It also makes use of the Modern AGE approach to action, exploration, and social encounters, complete with stunts and systems for all of them.

The following are some of the unique features of The Expanse in comparison to other AGE System games:

  • Fortune: Rather than Health, characters have a Fortune score that measures lucky near-misses, close scrapes, and trivial hits before the character takes serious harm. Fortune is also useful for modifying die rolls and offering players some narrative control but, watch out! Spend too much of it and your luck could run out when you get caught in a crossfire!
  • Conditions: In addition to a running Fortune total, characters use various conditions to measure things like injuries and fatigue as well as tactical challenges like hindered movement or sensory abilities.
  • Interludes: The interludes in between encounters are given their own treatment, allowing players to make use of their “down-time” (including long hauls between destinations in the System) to recover, do maintenance, build their connections with others, or pursue their own projects.
  • Spaceships: The Expanse RPG features a system to model and create spaceships and its own system for space combat, including the assault on Thoth Station as an example of the system in action!
  • The Churn: The Expanse also offers something for the Game Master with the Churn: A ticking counter that measures the crew’s progress through a story and just when things are going to suddenly go sideways and become even more complicated!

Nobody in the industry does film, TV and comics adaptations like the GR team, and the Modern Age system is just light enough to freeform as much or as little as you want.