The Ruin - A Post-Apocalytic RPG - 5th Edition Compatible

The Ruin - A Post-Apocalytic RPG - 5th Edition Compatible

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This is compatable with 5th Edition rule sets

Description from the back of the book

The World Fell...

What is left is hardship, danger, and the fight to survive.

The Ruin RPG is a grim dark Post-Apocalyptic set after the earth is invaded and partially terraformed by dimensional beings, the war that followed and what was left.

You play surivivors living amongst the ruins of what is left, threatened by gangs, raiders, and crazies to name just a few, you must bring civilisation back to the wastes before everything is lost. The Ruin RPG core book concentrates on four cities in the USA but in future sourcebooks will explore the UK, Europe and Russia plus many other countries.

Unlike other Post-Apocalyptic RPGs The Ruin is not a gonzo or zombie game. The Ruin is influenced by movies like 'Book of Eli', 'The Road' and the 'Mad Max' movies and novels like 'Wool' and 'The Amtrak Wars'

Within you will find rules for:

  • Character Creation
  • Vehicle Construction and conflict
  • Settlement building
  • Combat and Healing
  • Barter and Crafting
  • 20 pages of threats
  • Stacks of gear

If you like your Apocalypse dark and gritty The Ruin is the game for you.