U-Boot All Resin Expansion

U-Boot All Resin Expansion

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We loved U-Boot. It did phenomenally well on Kickstarter for Phalanx and then entered into distribution via Ares. But would people ever be able to get the sort of bling for it that they could during the Kickstarter campaign?  

Yes. The answer is yes. 

The all resin pack contains:

  • 1x Bow torpedo tubes, 1x Radio room and 1x Hydroplane station
  • 1x Periscope column, 1x Galley and 1x Diesel engine
  • 1x Electric motor
  • 3x Toxic gas tokens
  • 3x Lighting failure tokens
  • 3x Fire tokens
  • 3x Electrical failure tokens
  • 3x Leak tokens
  • 1x Tauchretter token, 1x Light bulb token
  • 1x Fire extinguisher token, 1x Wire token and 1x Water pump token
  • 2x Toolbox token