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At Fan Boy Three we believe that games are better when we play together, and so we have a number of events on the calendar designed to do just that - bring people together to play games. 

Not every gamer comes with a ready minted gaming circle. If you've just moved to a new city it can be pretty intimidating finding new players to play with. But not anymore. Our weekly Boardgame social mixer is full of people like you, just wanting to make that connection with other human beings who love that funky stuff we do. 


The modern world can be a pretty isolating place. But coming together around a table releases oxytocin, dopamine and a dash of serotonin. These are what we call happiness hormones. Think of what we do at Fan Boy Three as a mind gym, and let us be your spotter. 

Once a month we also run Roll Through it, which is our low stress mental health support clinic. Come, chill out, grab a tea and a biscuit, play some light gaming froth in the company of other human beings.  Depression and anxiety can be a dark pit that we find ourselves sliding into - did you know that in an average year one in four of us experience bouts of poor mental health? And did the last two years look like average years to you? 

And that's where we come in. 

Life is better when we game together.
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