Privacy policy

This site uses cookies because all modern sites do. There’s not a lot we can do about that – it’s a function of how the internet works.

But we don’t routinely keep your data. We don’t share it. We don’t sell it. We don’t use it to follow you across the internet and advertise the things you looked at to you. If I hate it when somebody does it to me, I don’t do it to somebody else. Period.

Now, there are situations where we may. And you may want us to.

  • You buy something, and we need to talk to you about your order. We’ll use the contact information you gave us to do that
  • You book a table. By the time table booking reopens as a thing, we’ll have an APP for that, and it will have a reminder feature that will send you a message to confirm
  • You book into an organised play event. Most Organised Play programs need information to track a player who participates – things like your DCI number, or a Konami ID. To run official events we often need to share that information with the game publishers – like when you play in Friday Night Magic or Hobby League. We can always issue you with an ID in store if you don’t have one – and we don’t care what you want to call yourself when we do.
  • You sign up for our mailing list. And then we’ll email you. Though following us on facebook is a much faster way of getting news and information.
  • Lastly, some products come with complimentary pdf’s thanks to the Bits and Mortar scheme. We will send those through to the email you entered when you placed the order unless you tell us not to.

Shopify is a secure and robust system, the backbone of hundreds of thousands of eCommerce sites worldwide. All those people trust it to keep data secure, so I guess we do too. You can read more about how Shopify uses your Personal Information here:

Look, I hate it when companies do shonky stuff as must as you do. I hate it when they track me down the streets of the internet waving their wares in my face. When a restaurant I once ate a meal in imagines I’m forgetting to book there when it’s my birthday. Push notifications, targeted ads... that’s just not our way.  We just want to sell you the stuff you want, when you want us to. To be here to give you advice when you want us to, and to be where you want to play when you want to play.

If you want to know more, contact us at