Book a table

So, before COVID-19 our table booking system required you to ring up and actually book a table. We had a literally table booking book.

The plan here - when we can reopen for in store table booking - is to automate it, and have it done professionally at the touch of a button. You'll be able to book boardgame tables, roleplaying tables and miniatures tables. 

We nearly always have spare tables we can rustle up. We had to do that A LOT in our pre-lockdown days, as we'd always jiggle things around and break out our overflow trestles to squeeze in a couple who wanted to play a boardgame from our boardgame library.

Our library is stored on boardgame geek, so you can browse it at your leisure. Jess does an amazing job of demarcating it by player count, and our staff can always give advice on stuff to play if you have no idea what you want.

We handle the table booking different depending on what you intend to do on the table.

For boardgaming, we give you your table fee back as store credit to buy boardgames on that day, so you can try before you buy. Or buy, and then try - we don't mind which order you do it in!

For roleplaying tables, we give a portion of the table fare per player to the GM as store credit to offset their expenses. This is so they can buy the books and figures they need to run their game and generate a fun experience for the players. 

For miniature players its a flat charge - because its a bigger table, there are less of them and it helps pay for the wear and tear on the scenery. Honestly, like you wouldn't believe!

Anyway, welcome to Fan Boy Three. Social spaces are important