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Welcome to Fan Boy Three. Social spaces are important now, more than ever. 

We have a large playspace available downstairs for small or large groups to use. You can book in tables for your RPG game, playing board games and so much more. 

Table space is available from 11am-5pm on weekdays and after 5pm as well subject to availability(There is never availability to book on Wednesday's).
On weekends space is subject to availability.

The best way to guarantee a space is to book in advance.
You can do this by responding on the form below
phoning the store 0161 2477735
Email us at

What we offer in store

£3 per adult (14+), and £1 per child (Under 14s) allows you have access to our 500 board game library.
This charge is for the whole day and you can get this amount taken off any board game purchase in store on the same day.

£4 per person for our one shot special RPG games at the weekend. Game last for around 3 hours and range from Dungeon and Dragons, Pathfinder, Tales from the loop and many more.

£4 per person for any miniatures games, we provide the mats and scenery and you just need to bring your armies..