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Chaosium did not just do one visionary roleplaying game. In those long hot summers of the Eighties, when everyone played D&D the cool kids were playing Runequest. Runequest was the brainchild of Greg Stafford - visionary, author, shaman - and it is the most fully realised fantasy world not inspired by Tolkien, ever. There are books of scholarly lore, details on the religious practices of hundreds of varied peoples, their magic, their shamanism, their cult practices, and the rise and fall of their empires.

The basic story is the fight for independence of the hill dwelling Sartarites, who worship Orlanth the god of the Storm and their persecution and subsequent rebellion from the empire of the Red Goddess. But there is so much more. 

Runequest languished in license hell for much of the nineties and early 2000's - Avalon Hill owned it for a while, then Mongoose, but now it is back where it belongs, with the one true keepers of the flame. And long may that flame burn.   

Fun Fan Boy Fact. The Elder Scrolls series of computer games were originally planned to be set in Glorantha, and you can still see the DNA showing through even today. 

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