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What is Pathfinder? 

Imagine a world where heroic adventures from every country banded together to fight injustice, to expand knowledge and explore. A world where it isn't just you and your small group of travelling companions against the darkness. And if Bob can't make it one week? Well, with the Pathfinder Society the show can carry on. 

Each adventure is a none shot. But that doesn't mean they don't link together to tell a story. You'll travel the lands of Golarion, getting into scrapes, reporting back to the other members of the society as you go, making new friends, recruiting new members and crossing swords with new enemies and a few old ones! 

You can turn up and play with a pre-gen or make your own first level character to start your first adventure. You can download the Pathbuilder App to your phone - that's the one I use - this will help you alongside your copy of the core Pathfinder books like the 2nd Edition core rules, Secrets of Magic, the Advanced Players Guide or Guns and Gears. 

Then sign up to play in any level 1-4 adventure.   

How do you sign up? 

Well, we have a dedicated Facebook Group for Manchester's Pathfinder Society Lodge. Once you are onboard with a brand new character, head here:

The Society meets both in store and online the first Sunday of every month. But you can play your character in ANY Pathfinder Society event in ANY lodge anywhere in the world or online. Which I guess still counts as the world. 

Most of the time you'll need to also have a Warhorn account. This is so players and GM's can work out what level all the characters are for any given module. Pathfinder modules often scale depending on player numbers and party level, to make them balanced and more fun. You can sign up for your own Warhorn account here:

In store we are also running level 1-4 taster sessions alongside the PFS lodge activities. These are often relatively quick one shots which you can book into just like a regular event ticket. So now there's no reason not to start your greta Golarion adventure today. 

Where will the Pathfinder society take YOU? 

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