Organised Play Calendar

Welcome to the Fan Boy Three Organised Play pages. 

Here you will find all our future planned organised play events. We have regular weekly events including:
Monday - Manchester Hive 40k group
TuesdayDragonball Super TCG, Flesh and Blood, Star wars Legion, star wars X-wing  and Cardfight!! Vanguard  
WednesdayMagic the Gathering: Casual Commander, Digimon TCG and Dungeons and Dragons: Adventurers League (Information and places available on our Facebook Page)
Thursday - Yu-Gi-Oh! Hobby League and Yu-Gi-Oh! Casual play
Friday - Friday Night Magic: The Gathering: Pioneer, Friday Night Magic: The Gathering alternating weekly format (Community Request), Final Fantasy TCG, 
Age of Sigmar: Match Up biweekly, Star wars Legion andstar wars X-wing also bi weekly. 

Saturdays and Sunday - have different events on each week including a weekly board gaming social event!