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What is a roleplaying game? 

That used to be a question we got asked a lot. But games like Fallout and Skyrim, and shows like Critical Role have brought the concept of roleplaying games public. You play a character - a little mini you - who gets to go on adventures. You can be anyone, anytime, any place, and do anything - the only limits are your imagination. 

And dice. 

You see, a roleplaying game is like a giant game of consequences. And sooner or later you need to figure out whether your characters actions are going to go fortunately or unfortunately.  And that's when we roll dice. 

Not every game uses dice. not every game has a GM - a games master - who determines the outcomes. Some - like Fiasco - are totally down to the players, telling a collaborative story.

Thing is, what a roleplaying game really is? It's a bunch of friends sitting around a table having a laugh and a good time.

The biggest roleplaying game of all time is Dungeons and Dragons. 

For fantasy roleplaying with a massively interactive organised play program of in store play try Pathfinder

Starfinder is Pathfinder in space. Again, great in store organised play program with regular events

Call of Cthulhu - the original horror roleplaying game. Can your investigator uncover the truth before they succumb to madness?

In Vampire the Masquerade you play a vampire trying to survive in a world of darkness (that's a World of Darkness TM to its friends!) 

Indie RPGs are often smaller, more intimate themed games that often emphasise the play experience over the dice

But whatever genre you love, whatever game you choose, a lifetime of adventure awaits! 

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