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Roleplaying began as a set of miniatures rules for fantasy skirmish wargames - Chainmail, in 1976. But pretty soon there evolved a schism between the folks who believed that floorplans and miniatures and scenery helped set the scene, and the folks who believed in 'the theatre of the mind' - that immersion was best achieved through evocative description of environment and thematic character action. That no miniature could ever match the image you had in your mind. 

But it isn't 1976 anymore. Sculpting and casting creates figures that those early gamers would think had been made by sorcery. Maybe they are. 

Using miniatures in a rolepaying game isn't for everyone. But we have a huge range of figures and a wide range of accessories if you do. Or we can loan you a beret if you want to be avant garde. 


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