Collection: Getting Started With Dungeons & Dragons

So, where you go from here depends on how familiar you are with Dungeons & Dragons. 

Never played before? Try our Beginners D&D. This is a two session course over two months that will give you a broad understanding of the rules and how to play. Its suitable for kids, families, and would be adventurers of all ages. 

After Beginners D&D why not try our Explorers League? Explorers League Sessions run twice a month - on Sunday afternoons as well as Saturday evenings. This is for the player who maybe knows a bit about the rules and how they work, but isn't quite ready for Adventurer's League. 

Adventurers League plays every Wednesday evening. It's an ongoing campaign you can dip in and out of, but each adventure plays over two sessions across a fortnight. You'll need to join Manchester's D&D Encounters Facebook Group to sign up, 

However, we've noticed a demand for even more D&D play. So we're also putting on a series of one shots and Adventurer's League catch ups - reruns of Wednesday scenarios so if you miss a couple of weeks its no biggie and you don't get left behind. 

Never split the party!
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