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To boldly go... 

Was there ever a game license more suitable for a roleplaying game than Star Trek? A tight knit team of characters, each with their own unique skills? Check! A situation for the group to resolve - a new 'adventure' every week? Check!

Oh, but we are all lawful good...

I think if the twenty first century has taught us anything, its that Trek doesn't have to be Wagon Train in space. But right now that sounds pretty good.

Modiphius haven't just written the best Trek roleplaying experience ever - they also do a great line of resin figures for characters in both Original series Era and Next Generation Era uniforms - including all your favourite bridge crew. Whether your preferred Trek flavour is galactic space war of DS9, the kitsch 60's, the optimism of Next Gen, or post modern grimdark Trek, you can play it.   

But why stop there? Wizkids also have a line of pre-painted Trek figures, as well as ships in Attack Wing scale for space combat. And there are some great Trek boardgames too.

At Fan Boy three we play Star Trek RPG regularly - and Attack Wing, and support organised play for the fan favourite trading card game from Decipher that's been out of production for over a decade now. And for the last few years we've been the chosen partner for Star Trek Destinations UK, bringing all our game expertise and demo skills to fandom once a year as part of the biggest Trek event in Europe. 

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