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Without HeroClix there wouldn't be Fan Boy Three. Its how I met Fill, how we discovered that Organised Play brought players together - and how it generated sales! Without Organised Play you were sat at home looking at tiny 28mm superheroes on a shelf. Which twenty years ago? Was pretty darned cool. 

But with Organised Play you had a community, and lifelong friends. 

For the last few years we've been privileged to run the UK Nationals for HeroClix. 

These new starters give a fantastic (four!) jumping on point for new players too. Everything in the Clix system works together - every ,map, every figure is compatible with every other, so you can field Jean Luc Picard against Batman and The Undertaker. And the crisp design ethic of the Animated series line really enhances the 3d sculpting on the newer figures. 

Where else are you going to get a figure of Devil Dinosaur wearing a tux? Is Crisis Protocol gonna make that? I don't think so!  

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