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Once upon a time there was a great game called Sentinels of the Multiverse. Made Greater Than Games - GTG for short - an industry name. If only - I hear you cry - it had featured licensed Marvel characters... well, weep no more.

For here comes Marvel Champions.  

A superslick superhero beat em up where you play your deck of cards versus one of the big bad villains from the Marvel universe. Whats not to love? And just like in the regular Marvel U, what is better than going toe to toe with a bruiser like Ultron? It's bringing a few mates along for a team up.  

The more heroes you field, the harder the villain becomes. Thwart their schemes or KO them to win. Easy to play and lots of fun, but tricky to master which will make you keep coming back. And with an ever expanding line up of villains and heroes whose tights you can step into.

And once Hulk comes out, you might need to buy a new pair or purple pants.

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