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Puzzle games came to boardgames early - with the original Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective from visionary RPG producers West End Games back in 1981. A few supplements land a sequel - Gumshoe - later, the genre seemed to vanish. 

In the last ten years the success of escape rooms led to the genre making a comeback. Some games use a combination of boardgame and app - like Lucky Duck's amazing Chronicles of Crime series. Others took the Sherlock Holmes route, with books, paragraphs, decks of cards and mysteries to solve, like the excellent Time Stories (or the reprints of Sherlock itself!)   

But the biggest success story in the genre are the Exit series of 'escape rooms in a box' - each one different, each one designed to be played once. We absolutely adore these - cheap enough to be an evening's entertainment, and fun for as many people as can crowd around a table. Heartily recommended  

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  • Exit: The Forbidden Castle
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