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All the new releases each week come here. We should be able to list them by the weekend before they arrive. We don't list everything that we are getting - some games are already pre-ordered (something we do manually, because we hate taking money for a game far in advance that we MAY not be able to deliver).

We were usually pretty good on our stock, because as one of the oldest and biggest physical game stores around we didn't get cut much. 

I don't like to list every copy online. We like to keep some stuff back so we hopefully don't over-sell. There's nothing worse than thinking you have bought that hot game, and then finding out you didn't. And then suddenly you can't. 

Before all this, when Fan Boy Three was a physical store, we were the port of call then. When you are a community hub, supporting that community is more important than how quickly you can sell everything before you've unpacked it. 

(And we like to have things you can browse)

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