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We all missed the chance to hang out at UK Games Expo in June. It's the best three days in gaming in the UK, and Fan Boy three doesn't just bring a stand - we bring a party. 

Last year we brought you Green Ronin, helped Foam Brain and R&R. This year we were set to showcase Paizo and work with CMON, and we were hoping to bring the amazing Roll Through It mental health support initiative we set up to the show as well. But hey, these things happen - and now we get to be part of the virtual Expo experience. 

We're doing some hosting on the Facebook page, and our discord channel - and at stand V-41504.  Stop by, say hi, maybe learn some new games. You might even want to browse our sale pages because it wouldn't be a UK Games Expo without some offers!

Please note due to the price reduction on these they are not part of our buy 3 get 10% discount deal. But by all means explore the rest of the site and see what else we have.

Richard, Tony, john and Millie have put together what must surely be the best virtual convention experience yet! And hopefully we can all meet up in person next June. I'm not much of a hugger, but after this year i think we'll all need it.

Until then, virtual hugs from all of us. And Ian and I might see you on the Pathfinder or Starfinder tables.  Don't forget you can also find us here: where we'll be posting up how to play videos and much more.

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