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Look, every so often we need to make some space and Marie Kondo our stockroom. Does this game spark joy? Would it spark joy if it was 50% off? Now THAT'S the Fan Boy Three question! 

Look, the games here aren't bad games. Because we don't buy the bad games. But we live in a golden age of games and there are 3500 to choose from every year. Maybe if we weren't a busy city centre store with limited stock capacity we'd hang on to a lot of these.

But we are. 

When you know how hard designers and publishers work you often feel bad when you have to remainder their stuff. The amount of work that goes into every game we sell, the amount of money and time and skill and emotion.

Buy them.

Play them.   

Love them. 

Help them fulfill their destiny of bringing people together and forging memories that will last a lifetime. 

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