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Who hasn't craved their own fallout figures, ever since they first saw those little isometric dungeons back in 1997? I bet that more than half of the D&D generation now grew up playing Fallout and Skyrim, and that's how they learned what a roleplaying game was. With the introduction of the Institute in Fallout 4, there are finally enough factions to make a miniatures game properly viable - nobody wants every game to be the same, and now you can have survivors versus raiders, versus Brotherhood of steel versus Institute versus the Enclave, and then everybody versus a deathclaw, because they are that hard. 

There's even a roleplaying supplement, and a 2d20 RPG system - so you never need to leave your bunker. But you should, if only to pop by bartertown... I mean, Fan Boy Three.   

(bring caps. And maybe sweetrolls)

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