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Back when we opened, Organised Play was a theory. There were few stores offering the space we devoted to in store play, and for the first couple of months things were quiet. Maybe we'd made a terrible mistake.  

We passed the time playing Vs - me and Fan Boy Fill, and our friend Dave. And then one day these two guys came in and asked if we had heard of a game called Vs. They were Ben and Alex. We suddenly had our first community. 

In Vs you could play Marvel teams versus DC teams. New sets brought new teams and new mechanics- and these were some of the smartest mechanics of any game. Battling was fast and tactical. And there was prize money. 

Our team? We travelled the world playing Vs. 

It's still a great game. Its essentially a 'living cardgame' style system now, with irregular expansions that come out and expand the teams. The best cardgames never die - and at Fan Boy Three we still host events for any game so long as there are players.

Why not pick up a base set some time and give it a whirl, because if you like competitive cardplay in a self contained box full of superheroes, there's nothing better. 

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