Welcome to our boardgame holding page. 

Here's the thing. Fan Boy Three is one of the biggest boardgame stores in the country.  We probably have around three thousand titles at any one time, and we specialised in our product knowledge, our ability to source stock, our contacts with our many friends in the industry that allowed us to get spare parts and promo items for people and we really weren't expecting to have a sudden need to digitise our entire catalog.

Three thousand? That's just the boardgames.

All of us are working flat out, but we also have staff furloughed and staff running the click and collect service in store. So, as the webstore grows we have a 'see and pick' service on our Facebook page that allows customers to message us to get prices and pull stock they need.

Check out some of the shelves here:

We are a boardgame and organised play store that employed ten staff in the heart of Manchester. Please support your local store as best you can, whoever you are and wherever you live. And we will get through this together.