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So L5R was one of the first TCG's to emerge out of the shadow of magic, partly because of the Day of Thunder which was this massive tournament at GenCon that brought about the culmination of the entire storyline. The Emperor of Rokugan was revealed to be possessed by big bad Fu Leng, the clans united to overthrow him and history was made. 

Collectable cardgames didn't have to be just about art and gameplay. The logic. They could be about story and feel and worldbuilding. The emotion. That was what L5R gave the world.

Steer one of the warring clans of Rokugan and master the five rings - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Void. But beware the might of the Shadowlands - and your fellow clans, who will stop at nothing to achieve victory - by honor at court or glory on the battlefield. 

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