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So, you want to play Magic? 

That's a great choice - Magic has been around the longest of any of the Collectable Cardgames and has players in every country, in every city, in every town on earth. Wherever you go, you can look up and find your local Wizards Play Network store and grab a few games with like minded folks. 

You best way to start? Every year Wizards release a cycle of intro Planeswalker Decks for their core set. It's always the summer. This gives you a theme to start building around. Red is often direct in your face damage. Green is big creatures. White is protection and little creatures. Blue is control - stopping your opponent from acting and Black is full of things like poison and zombies and stuff. 

Here's the thing. Most sets have so many good cards you'll end up mashing at least two colours together, and then building a deck and hopping that your mana base works - the energy you get from playing land cards. Too many lands and you won't draw cool cards to play. Too few and you'll not be able to play them. that dichotomy is what has kept Magic players coming back to the game time and time again for over twenty five years. 

Magic has lots of different formats - Pioneer, Legacy, Modern, Draft, Sealed - bit the two most popular are Standard and Commander. You'll find in store events for every format, but those two formats we support weekly.

So grab a starter product. Make some new friends. Maybe travel the world. 

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